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Leo Fernandez resume depicts he is among the best from his Argentinean backyard

Unlike the conventional poker era when only the top-notch players received the limelight, the emergence of the Global Poker Index as a ranking site has come in handy. Today, well-performing players are granted a glare of publicity through poker news rooms for excellent performance in the casinos. On February 2015, the GPI disseminated a list […]

Ban online gambling online Poker carve out

Senator Harry Reid of Nevada is all set to prohibit online gaming. He also plans to dispose of the Wire Act in 2015. At the same time, he plans on carving exclusion – online poker. The Senator is a former chairman of the Nevada Gaming Commission and has never been in support of internet gambling however supports […]

Gus Hansen-Professional Poker and backgammon player

Professional games are much familiarly played by many individuals around the world, whereby very few games are so much interesting too. One such game is Poker game which many professional players play around. Among such professional players, Gus Hansen is much familiar for his winning of 1 WSOP bracelet and 3 World Poker Tour titles. […]

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