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For all those of you out there who fancy becoming a poker professional, and continually ask how you can follow in the footsteps of your favourite players, we take a look at the rise and rise of two of the best poker players around – both of whom started out playing online.

Peter Eastgate
Peter Eastgate originally hailed from Dalum, Denmark and was a very determined person right from the childhood. When he had started playing the game, he had no idea that in future his region would become the hot favorite playground for most of the poker players.

Though he had started playing at a very young age, Peter Eastgate knew that this was his forte even then. When he was playing texas hold em rules with his friends, he knew that he would be a professional player within no time. Peter Eastgate learnt the game of poker in his school days, where he used to play games with his friends, and play online video poker.

Right from the beginning, Peter Eastgate knew that he would be different from his school mates and this confidence gave him the chance to master the game and offer himself a great opportunity to earn name and fame. His attraction towards the game made him master it at a very young age and he started seeing the opportunities he would miss if he did not pursue the game. This is when he made the hard decision to drop out of school to pursue his passion for the game of poker. Though a very tough decision, life has not given him a change to regret his decision.

Over the beginning years, he had found time to beat the best players of the region (like Erik Seidel and leave his mark on the game. What started as a hobby moved on to full time profession in the online poker rooms and reaching this stage took in a lot of effort on his part.

All the games which he played, he managed to leave a mark and ensure that he was on the winning side. A game played as a hobby soon became a profession and Peter Eastgate started earning sufficiently to ensure that he could move on to the great atmosphere of live poker. This is where the real excitement of the game of poker came, and it was his skills at this that allowed him to set up his own poker school online.

Thomas Dwan
Thomas Dwan had developed a passion for the game of poker at a very young age and has won many a games since then – according to the online poker stats he was one of the top earners last year. He has been playing the game from a very tender age and has had a head start so that he could have the winning edge over his competitors.

When he was in his high school, he had started playing the game and this is where master the tricks of the trade. From here on he moved on to online poker games, where he could play poker anonymously, and started his winning streak. From one online game to the other, he had proved that he could win when he set his heart to it.

Thomas Dwan loved to play cash games and this is where his real earnings were. He moved from one website to another for better opportunities and his grip over the game was outstanding, as the WSOP results show. He had earned a large sum of money when he turned eighteen.

This money paid for his college education; but though he had enrolled for the classes, his mind was set in the game of poker. He managed to win large sums of money in the college itself and his passion for the game finally managed to get him off the college and education.

This is when he started playing online games and each year, he was winning more and more money and his passion for the game was thriving steadily. He made use of all the advantages of online poker games and this is where he proved to the world that it takes perseverance and patience to reach the top.

Winning one game to the other, Thomas Dwan was never contended and moved on. This persistence was one of the major factors which contributed to the wins. Initial loss taught him to manage his money well and the lesson was sufficient for him to ensure future wins.

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