CoinPoker New Platform For Poker

Software which is launched for free play. It will operate with CHP tokens and with Blockchain technology against unfair game.

It delivers fun; safe, trustworthy and transparent online poker games said Isabelle Mercier CoinPoker’s representative and a well-known poker industry member.

Blockchain technology offers opportunity for those regions who have constant payment problems like Asia and Latin America. Now in all over the world, people will be confident that their funds are secure and the game will be fair.

Coinpoker is Cryptocurrency which reduce transaction from days to seconds all over the world from different regions can take control of the funds. Now poker will be played by using chips (CHP).

Transparency can be checked by putting RNG (Random Number Generator) on Blockchain. Blockchain technology removes unfair games also.

Earlier in the past couple decades in the poker room many scandals occurred left players with millions of losses and cheating cases which lost trust in regular RNG. Now it is change said by CoinPoker Head of Security Michael Josem who uncovers multiple poker scandals. Now we are developing a fair play Blockchain based security system by which a casual player get a chance to win the game.

CoinPoker ICO (Initial Coin Offering) and pre-launch planned for January but pre-ICO is live from next week and offering a 30 % bonus.

For permanent demand CoinPoker will return 15% of all the tokens rose during ICO to the community and 25% of the total revenue will be distributed among players regularly this will sustain and grow the value of the coin, which makes CHP attractive.

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