Eastgate Reason For Retirement Gambling Addiction

Peter Eastgate was just 22 when he managed to attain the peak of the success in the poker game before his career was really started.

In that year 2008, he became the youngest player to win the WSOP champion and in the event he won the prize amount of $9.1 million (This is the amount that he has in his account post tax deduction from the Danish government).

However, for Eastgate, the success is too much at too young age. Later, Eastgate took the decision, he moved to London, played tournaments of poker there, gambled and everything that he wanted to do. But, then he began to tire of winning the money that he really didn’t need.

The player gave an interview to the PokerListings Dirk Oetzmann. In the interview he explained the problems of being a multimillionaire. A person who has already achieved the height of his career in the professional that he love.

In 2010, when other poker player starts their career, Peter Eastgate 24 years that time announced his retirement from the game. On eBay he put his bracelet for auction, the bracelet of WSOP Main Event. The objective was to raise money for charity. Under the bracelet, Eastgate wrote a quote “a symbolic repudiation of poker and the world of poker.”

He said in the interview “I became very moody, my mood entirely got dependent on the fact that how I fared at the table. There a time came, when I got tired of that. I realized that I have become an addict, a bad gambler, and then a point came when I just got fed up,”

When I started playing poker 10 years back, I had dreams and I wanted to do it every day of my life. But, it is not like that now.

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