25 thoughts on “Peter Eastgate vs Ivan Demidov – Heads-up WSOP 2008 Main Event”

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  2. i was in the wsop, but when i found out i dont get to see the other players’ hands like on tv, i had to leave. now i just go on you-tube and bash the players because i am an ignorent loser who cant even make a score in the play money games.

  3. heh_ï_sïgned_ùp_át_fûll_tîlt_põkër

  4. @Rookan4929
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    And yes
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  5. of all the lucksack donks who have one the main event over the years these two guys definatly deserved to be 1st and 2nd place.

  6. @totallyrandom02 That is because it does not hit you first. Its going to hit you in when ur rested out and having a kickass party!

  7. Tehui, well perhaps the seeing cards argument is right. But hey, of course you can criticize the pros if they didn’t make the right play. It doesn’t matter where did they end up in that tournament, but if they don’t play some hand right you can criticize them.

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