25 thoughts on “PokerHeaven.com European Cash Game 2008”

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  11. The percentages are the wrong on the flop.
    A4o = 47.37%
    QJs = 52.63%

    And i agree, In the long run if you play weak aces like this on a 3-4 bet preflop pot will be a -EV play.

  12. totally, i agree its a tell but if your a pro which i am not you surely are aware of these tells and if an opponent on a televised cash game is giving away such a tell so blatantly you have to question whether he is doing that on purpose…..the other thing is it wasnt a comnplete bluff it was a semi bluff, im sure sammy feels he is so strong here and has a good feeling about the pot….wants to be called but doesnt mind taking it down right there

  13. That is true but in general terms, it does indicate a tell of “Buying the pot” There is an exception to every rule but that is poker, you weigh up the information you have to make the most accurate decision you can. Another tell to point out is the stare down George was doing when Iversen was contemplating a call, again this is a general rule of thumb you are never going to be 100%, read Mike Caro’s book of tells, he mentions this in detail.

  14. erm maybe to make it look like a bluff?????? this is why some players create a table image then use that image to decieve opponents

  15. ridiculous ridiculous ridiculous call…..sammy makes a good move because its a monster drawing hand and he is happy with an iverson fold…..but just as happy with a call because it means a big pot if he does, so whats iverson beating? only a stone cold bluff because theres no way sammy shoves with ace rag so he surely has to think hes in a terrible spot……its an example of the stubborn bitter scandinavian mindset, how dare you raise me….you will not raise me…..i will call no matter what

  16. donk overbet shove on the flop. terrible horrendous call with top pair weak kicker lmaoooo. sammy’s a fish but he was definetly the favorite on the flop i think the percentages were off. this video goes to show how bad europeans are so bad at poker lol fish vs fish

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  18. I think if I didnt know how the guy played I wouldve folded but Iversen must really know how loose he is. the fact he went all in really quickly and did not value bet gives you the idea that he is buying the pot and trying to protect his flush draw so I can understand why Iversen called because why would George bet so big if he had a great hand?

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