PokerStars Unveils Its Innovation With Virtual Reality

PokerStars is all geared up to renew itself for better. The company is allowing a sneak peek in PokerStars VR for virtual reality poker. PokerStars VR helps players in interaction with virtual representations in real time of them and their opponents. The game places players in various extravagant settings, which provide all the trappings to play a high limit poker game. With the introduction of this feature, players can make bets, look at their cards, and table their hands via real-life motions. The product basically helps players to keep a close watch on their opponents so as to help them pick up tells. With the help of this product, players can easily customize the avatars using various style and clothing options. Some of the virtual representations which can be performed here include eating sushi, owning pets, throwing things at other players and so on.

Poker is mostly about interaction as per the Director of Poker Innovation & Operations, Severin Rasset. It has been uniting people for close to a century and the company is happy to invest in the upcoming generation of the game as it provides players a chance to meet in a new virtual reality platform. The game is a social game and currently costs nothing to play. All players can start replenishing their bank account through a virtual wheel. PokerStars VR for streamers will provide integrated Twitch broadcast, social media integration, and voice commands.

There is a whole lot of time left until PokerStars releases the new PokerStars VR completely. The game is in closed beta via Steam, HTC Vive, and Oculus Rift. However, players will need the right equipment such as a gaming computer that supports virtual reality graphics and play, VR systems like HTC Vive or Oculus Rift. PokerStars is doing all it takes to bring the VR system live.

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