13 thoughts on “Tom durrrr Dwan Epic Battles Sick Poker Bluffs”

  1. 4:01 Phil Ivey ´´ Wow, nice hand ´´ Phil Hellmuth ´´ Wtf you s@cker so
    f&cking rigged this is how I lose my money ´´

  2. for 1 the music is fucking badass…dwan is a fucking legend!!!dude has
    balls of steal putting in massive bluff like that!you just don’t know if he
    has it or hes bluffing.

  3. @kawaiisaki you are the donk! he didn’t think he was ahead, he just turned
    his top pair into a bluff

  4. Stfu kawaissaki dwan is an absolute fucking genius. He knows all the math
    in every have he’s in and his aggressive style only helps him because no
    one ever knows what he has to go along with his math of what to bet to get
    the other players off their hands. Your a fucking idiot

  5. @kawaiisaki I think you misspelled ‘donk’ . It should be
    ‘multi-millionaire-donk’ .

  6. You dont choose music on Youtube, there’s no videos with music options.. If
    you use your brain you can mute the player and play what ever you like..

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