23 thoughts on “Tom Dwan Explaining His Genius Bluff As It Happens”

  1. I just realized that’s probably why whenever I play cash games at niagara I usually go minus on $1/2 blind games, but 8 out of 10 times I at least double or triple up when I play $2/5…shit players + low stakes = cannot fold pocket JJ or higher, even if board pairs up and someone is betting large, these fuckers insta-call, and sometimes hit like a 2-outer or something u know?

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  3. This will be my last comment on this SINGLE HAND vid. First, I’m a HUGE FAN of Tom Dwan. That’s not the issue. I don’t have a thing against Eastgate either. It’s about THE HAND! Dwan HIMSELF starts off by saying he made a “pretty MONKEYISH BLUFF which ENDED UP working out.” Really, nuff said. THE ONLY REASON it worked is because of his history with EASTGATE. And even that was no gaurantee! Bluffs like this are VERY RARE, even for Dwan. He JUST AS EASILY could’ve gone broke on this one! Go DWAN!

  4. I for one would actually but durrr on 7 2 which means he makes the boat on the turn.

  5. Now i am just wondering why he called it a “monkeyish” bluff…. I thought it was pretty awesome. A-2 for sure. Nothing wrong with the bluffees tho. Thats a tough spot they dont need to call. Just wait for another hand. Maybe one thats not a family pot.

  6. Well average players arnt playing with over 100k infront of them either. Its easy to make those calls in 11$ tournaments.

  7. LOL imagine doing this at like 1/2 or something. Not a chance some fish or donk is laying down AA.or a set.

  8. so true, 42 would check call, AA prolly would push all in. against average donks, this play would never work.

  9. Its only over thinking by eastgate and greenstein that deliver this pot to dwan . Didn’t everybody see Dwan bluff 4 jacks the same way.and go allin with tens pre against hellmouth oops hellmuths AA. Dwan always says he doesn’t like folding well thats what us mortals do all the time if he wants to run these these meta uber bluffs call him down . Whatever happened to strong is weak and weak is strong. Next time I see a flop of 7/2/2 I will assume my Aces have been cracked by a full house. lol

  10. Even Ivey can’t stop him sometimes because he’s so unpredictable at the best times.

  11. not really. disregarding eastgate’s history with dawn (which is important in its own right), dwan is betting really high for the size of the pot. Yes eastgate has trips, but its only trip 2s with a very low kicker. With 8 hands in the pot, it could very well be that the final 2 is in dwan’s hand. Also, 10s and 7s are a huge possibility since dwan only called pre-flop and raised on the flop. With the size of the bet and how much eastgate had already put into the pot, folding was correct.

  12. You only need to play the odds to beat average players. I know for sure, that I am not “good” enough to have let go of Eastgate’s hand (which as it turns out would have been right), and I would have folded Greenstein’s hand immediately (which would have been wrong).

    But Durr’s analysis shows what a deep head game he was playing here. They have to be convinced that Durr is playing a 2, 10s or 7s. And then the rest explains itself. If Eastgate had K 2 I think he could have called easily.

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